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5th Floor, Shelter Khaza Dreams, Lalbagh, Dhaka.
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Work Experience in BKMEA

Sr. Social Compliance Officer and Head of the Dept.
at the Compliance Cell, in the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters’ Association (BKMEA) 233/1, B.B. Road (1st Floor), Narayanganj, Bangladesh, Phone # 7641295, 7641857, 7640535.

Worked since August 01, 2006 till 25th June, 2008 Total Experience…… 01 Year & 011 Months.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: A summary description of the responsibilities Performing at BKMEA:

Some Moment in BKMEA

Md. Sharfaraz Ahmed is seen while working at the Office of BKMEA during the year 2006 to 2008.

Md. Sharfaraz Ahmed is seen with the core team of Compliance while working with BKMEA.

The then core team of Compliance of BKMEA is seen with Mr. Shrafaraz Ahmed at the May carnival first time in Bangladesh.

Md. Sharfaraz is visiting one of stalls of BKMEA at the May carnival organized by BKMEA and Ministry of Labour and Employment in the year 2007

Md. Sharfaraz is helping the then Advisor & BKMEA President along with Secretary as well as Labor Director to hand over the crest of one of the Labor friendly factory in the RMG industry in the year 2007.