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Fakir Apparels Limited

Work Experience in Fakir Apparels Limited

General Manager- Administration and Compliance at
Fakir Apparels Limited, Narayanganj, BSCIC.

Working since October-01, 2015 and till date. Total experience………03 Years+ .

Here, it has been implemented the Code of Conduct related with Alliance and Accord; this is the company where as per the new COC of Wal-Mart has got the 100% completion on Building & Electrical safety requirements under the supervision of Compliance Dept. and currently it is the Champion Award winner from Alliance & buyer forum and 100% completed the issues.

Some Moment in Fakir Apparels Limited

Mr. Sharfaraz is seen while working in the office of Fakir Apparels Ltd during the year 2017-18

Mr. Sharfaraz is presenting the Participation Committee activities to the board of Fakir Apparels Ltd.

Mr. Sharfaraz is sharing the happy moment with Executive Director & team while achieving the crest on the best Energy Efficient Company.

Mr. Sharfaraz is distributing along with Sr. Management the Certificate of Attendance to the Fakir Apparels participants on Compliance