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RMG Factory Design & Development

RMG Factory Design & Development

RMG Factory Design & Development is the task of preparing the layout for the production plan to execute. This layout depends on the type of products (e.i., Knit Products, Woven Products) and/or style of the products as well. Depending on the type and style of the RMG, the number of machine and furniture also varies. So, choosing the type of the furniture for proper compliant factory sometimes become a gigantic task.

It is a matter of fact that when an entrepreneur wants to set up a production line eventually a RMG factory, he/she may have a piece of land, but gets puzzled how to design the building (what is the legal construction requirement, from where the approval will be acquired, what will be the mode of architectural and structural design authentic approval and/or third party review, etc). Even the building is ready still he/she needs to understand and to be sure before the production to start, the factory being set up is absolutely compliant in respect of all structural and architectural requirements, where the knowledge of BNBC code of Bangladesh is prime guide of the same.

An expert of this line can understand only the requirement of compliance for the production floor, construction process of the building, documentation before, during and after the construction of the building, which eventually are required when a production line is set up and the third party audit comes in for the production approval from the side of the buyers.

Based on the different knowledge of compliance and space limitation as well the expert can only suggest the absolute solution with compliance case to case for the RMG production line which will definitely be approved by any third party audit of the buyers. The frequent queries that the owner or the Human Resources or Compliance Department of any garments factory make are:

  • What is the space requirement of the workstation?
  • Based on the number of occupants how many doors/exits will be required of a particular floor?
  • How the specific occupancy will be defined for the production floor, and/or mixed occupancy requirement will be resolved?
  • What is the different requirement of compliance of Exits, Staircase? Etc.
  • How can we set the line so that maximum efficiency is achieved without any compliance violation?

Therefore, for the real solution even for the very small issue as an expert of these solution please do contact to get the full resolution.