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Security System & Administration & Others

Security System & Administration & Others

Security System & Administration & Others: Analyzing the security requirement preparing the security GAPs, designing the security posts for the total complex of the industry, required documents and formats, training module implementation and the job placement with the coordination with the third party securities.

Security threats and physical security threats are a part of life, but this doesn’t mean you have to constantly live in fear of them. I hope that taking the time to walk through some of the most common types of physical security threats has helped make you more aware and has helped you understand what might be needed to combat them. If you have any questions, make sure you leave a comment below and we will address any concerns you might have over physical security threats

I believe proper systematic approach in the factory or office complex can hit the goal of “Zero Threat” and Zero Incident”.

In the manufacturing organization particularly in the Ready Made Garments Industry if theft cannot be made to zero level with the systematic approach, it is really very difficult to manage the export of the goods and eventually the resources of the company, because of the dealing with the huge number of manpower in the industry.

Vandalism is another topic of discussion of this industry that frequently we see and this happens by the outside as well as the inside workforces of the industry, if we can prepare the security personnel and the proper inside information flow in advance, we can avoid such vandalism.

C-TPAT (Custom Trade Partnership against Terrorism) is the prime requirement of all the buyers of U.S.A based particularly and security department plays the vital role for the success of the same. The documents required, the different steps apart from the regular security activities, which are only possible by the expert to implement.

Being the expert of two decades I can help you to achieve the same.