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As per the dictionary definition the act or process of complying to a desire, demand, proposal, or regimen or with coercion patient is Compliance.

“Compliance”, we, in the industry of Ready Made Garments, easily understand the assurance of Health and Safety including Fire Safety in the factories. We understand that we need to structure the Human Resources properly and the payment structure so that there is no violation of the laws and regulation as per the laws of the land as well as the Code of Conducts of the global buyers. Not only in the RMG but also this is now required for any industry, be it a local, or foreign, or service, everywhere.

We do also understand that the laws related with environment for the sustainability of the industry is fully maintained. Not only these but also we need to comply some other laws and regulations as well as the government notifications. The up gradation of these laws’ knowledge is very important. It is quite difficult for one person simultaneously to invest money, doing the marketing, producing the Work Orders and maintaining the COCs of the buyers. The Investors/Owners need the expert in this discipline.

The global buyers/customers purchase the products from our country based on the specific Code of Conduct (COC) of their own. If we analyses the COCs of different customers then we see, almost all of them give approval of the production on the full satisfaction of the implementation of these COCs or in a word “the 100% Compliance”.

They go by a process of rigorous audit procedure in the following manner :

  • Social Compliance Audit.
  • Technical or FCCA (Factory Capacity & Capability Audit).
  • NCA (Needle Control Audit).
  • C-TPAT (Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) or GSV (Global Security Verification).
  • Safety of Fire, Electrical and Structural. That is, the implementation of BNBC or ACCORD/Alliance or in near future any authority coming for the implementation of these codes.

So, understanding the requirements and the policy/procedure as well as the documentation of the same is a gigantic task that only the expert can understand to get the knowhow and the way of implementation. They (the buyers) also give the approval with the color coding and there are different styles of this color coding which is again a very critical process to get the technicalities. Meanwhile, the procedure of third party’s audit for the approval is another complex job starting from choosing the third party, filling the documents, facing the audit and writing the corrective action plan (CAP).

This expert (Md. Sharfaraz Ahmed) can work starting from the design review of the building, suggestion for third party review, location suitability and the production floor requirements, ensuring the layout design, furniture suitability for the production of the RMG factory and for the total solutions for 100% compliance.

By the expert it is possible to take the responsibility with other team members if required to frame the policy, implement it and finally make ready for any kind of compliance audit for the manufacturing industries specially the Ready Made Garments.

It is my belief that the sustainable implementation is possible if systematic approach is followed for any kind of compliance requirements’ implementation. So, for the real implementation please do contact as per the mailing address.